In the early days of rosin extraction, portability was a given since most people were experimenting at home using hair straighteners. But as word caught on, demand shifted to bigger, more powerful models that could handle large quantities of flower for commercial purposes. For those that work in the industry, going bigger can be such an unwavering focus that it’s easy to forget the benefits of going small. But whether you’re a commercial extractor or just press rosin for personal use, a portable rosin press like the Rosin Tech Go is a crucial addition to your set up.

Rosin Tech Go High Times Cannabis Cup 2nd place best product
Rosin Tech Go High Times Cannabis Cup 2nd place Best Product

Your Best Choice for Land, Sea or Air

If you work in the cannabis industry or if you’re just an active member of the 420 and 710 communities, you most likely do a lot of travelling to conventions and tradeshows. There’s no easy way to bring a commercial press on the road with you, but the Rosin Tech Go easily fits right into your backpack or luggage. But what about if you’re flying? Won’t TSA be curious about a portable rosin press in your bag? It’s perfectly legal to bring a travel rosin press with you on a plane, so even if TSA gives it a glance, there’s no reason to sweat. You also don’t need to worry about getting bogged down with parts and accessories, like cumbersome air compressors since the Go isn’t a pneumatic rosin press.

Using a Portable Rosin Press to Sample Strains

But even if you’re not planning on any long-distance trips, a portable rosin press comes in handy. That’s because travel presses like the Rosin Tech Go are perfect for testing out different strains to figure out how they press. The Go is a low volume dab press, so you don’t have to worry about wasting massive quantities of flower with trial-and-error testing in search of the perfect temperature and pressure for a new strain. Since the resulting product is solventless, it’s ready for immediate sampling, straight off the press.

To make the convenience of a portable rosin press crystal clear, consider this scenario. You’ve got several strains of flower that you want to test out in your press but they’re at a few different locations across town. With the Rosin Tech Go, you can simply pack the travel press into your backpack, call a car and head to destination #1 where you can press the flower right there on the spot, not to mention sample the results. It’s the height of efficiency and convenience.

Problems with DIY Rosin Press Methods Like Hair Straighteners

So, why not just use a hair straightener as a DIY rosin press, as our rosin forefathers did? Hair straighteners have been deemed insufficient for several reasons. While a portable rosin press like the Rosin Tech Go allows you full temperature control of the heat plates, a hair straightener uses less-than-precise temperature settings that produce uneven heat. This results in unpredictable yields; a definite issue considering how integral consistency is to rosin production. The pressure exerted by a hair straightener varies and is heavily reliant upon the physical strength of the person operating the straightener. No matter how you add it up, the pressure exerted by a hair straightener is inadequate if you’re aiming for a premium yield. By comparison, the Rosin Tech Go can exert 700 pounds of pressure. Even if you were to somehow rig a hair straightener with weights to achieve the massive pressure you need for a decent yield, the process would be unpredictable and, frankly, a bit dangerous. In the end, the yields you’d get from a well-designed portable rosin press would quickly overtake the nominal amount of cash you’d saved by using a hair straightener instead.

The benefits of a travel press extend to both business and personal use alike, allowing the precision of rosin technology with the convenience of portability. Most portable rosin press models are easily affordable too, especially when compared to the commercial designs more commonly found on the market. If you’re still not using a portable press, you’re not only missing out on convenience, but also on a simple means of field-testing various strains. That’s a feature from which the commercial processor and the personal user can both benefit greatly.