If you needed any further proof that the inventiveness of rosin makers knows no bounds, then take a look at taffy tech, a fun new rosin refinement technique that heats, stretches and pulls rosin into a glistening candy-like consistency. It is in fact, the exact same method used to create saltwater taffy, and some bright sparks have started using it on solventless rosin.

Stretching Rosin Like Taffy

With taffy tech, solventless rosin is warmed up and then repeatedly stretched, squashed, pulled, and twisted until it begins to homogenize and trap air within itself. After being worked for an extended period, rosin begins to take on the same light consistency of taffy, and eventually, it will turn an otherworldly metallic gold.

Credit: @rosin.ryan on Instagram

At first it may seem gimmicky to use candy making methods on cannabis concentrates, but taffy tech does have merits beyond simple fun. Stability is an issue for all concentrates, and solventless rosin is often subjected to some kind of curing technique in order to prevent it from separating, or “auto-butter” over time. Taffy tech does this perfectly, and also creates a very easy-to-handle and far less sticky rosin than normal.  

How to Make “Taffy Tech” Rosin

The great thing about taffy tech, is that it doesn’t require any special equipment to do, in fact, you can hand pull rosin incredibly easily with the use of some silicone gloves, and a little elbow grease. You will likely need a way to heat up your rosin to keep it in a malleable state while you work, but this becomes less needed as time goes on, as eventually your taffy rosin will be malleable at room temperature. 

Credit: @rosin.ryan on Instagram

Plus, the method is incredibly simple – just pull, fold, twist and repeat. There’s no great mystery to pulling solventless rosin like this, it just takes a lot of time and effort to get it all the way to taffy consistency. Luckily though it doesn’t take anywhere near as long as candy taffy pulling, so it’s still totally doable by hand, just check out this mesmerizing example.

Sweet Rosin Candy

Taffy Tech is another fantastic rosin refinement technique that creates a unique stretchy rosin with a crazy glistening gold appearance. It also makes a stable concentrate that won’t separate over time, has an easy to handle consistency, and is just straight fun. We love it, and you should definitely give it a chance, too. Just wait until you dab the millions of terp filled bubbles trapped within pulled taffy tech rosin – you’ll be like a kid in a candy shop.