Four Unique Ways To Use Leftover Rosin Chips

If you’re pressing rosin from flower, then you’re likely producing plenty of leftover rosin chips. These remnants of the rosin process may seem useless at first, after all, you’ve already sucked the best part out, right? Well that may be true, but don’t let these little guys fool you because they still have a lot left to offer. After pressing, rosin chips still contain a small amount of oil, and there’s some great ways to recycle them instead of throwing them away. On that note, here’s the best uses for leftover rosin chips.

@str8lifted showing off some coconut butter made from cooking with rosin chips.

Repressing Rosin Chips

One simple thing to do with rosin chips that many people are unaware of is to simply press them again. You absolutely can press your flower multiple times and still squeeze out a little more oil. Obviously, with each additional press there will be a deterioration in flavor, quality, and yield, but you won’t be letting any rosin go to waste. Try stacking two to three rosin chips together and pressing them again. You might be surprised by the results. 

Rosin Chip Tinctures

Here’s one that anybody can try. Why not save up those leftover rosin chips for infusing into tinctures? It’s one of the easiest ways to use up your rosin chips. Just place a bunch of them in a bottle of liquor and leave it for a month or so, occasionally giving the bottle a shake. After a few weeks, you should have a glorious cannabis infused tincture. If you want to go the extra mile, you can decarb your chips first to extract the absolute maximum amount of THC. 

Cannabis oil surrounded by cannabis leaves.

Make Topicals and Soap

For the crafty types out there, you can use your leftover rosin chips to make cannabis infused topicals and even soap! Decarbed rosin chips can be infused into coconut oil incredibly easily  (check out this example), and then you’ll have a soothing cannabis infused skin balm. 

Cannabis infused tea tree oil, oat flackes, eucalyptus, olive, coffee soap.

But you don’t have to stop there! You can even make your own cannasoap. Obviously, this does require some knowledge of soap making, but check out this guide from Leafly to find out how to make it happen. It’s more fun than in sounds, we promise.

Cooking with Rosin Chips

One of the absolute best things to do with rosin chips is to infuse them into food. Making cannabutter or oil is a fantastic way to use up your leftovers, and can be easily added to any recipe. 

@naffs_midz making cannabutter using rosin chips.

Check out this guide by RuffHouse Studios on how to turn your old rosin chips into cannabutter. It’s important to note, while the infusion process will decarb a large portion of the THC in your rosin chips, we still recommend fully decarbing them before infusion. That way you’ll extract 100 percent of the THC.

Smoke ‘em: Do Rosin Chips get you High?

Hell yeah they do. Ok, they’re not going to taste anywhere near as good as fresh, but rosin chips can be smoked or vaped without hesitation. Of course, rosin chips won’t provide an amazing experience, but they absolutely will get you high. That’s why many who press their own rosin save them for a rainy day sesh.

There’s our best uses for leftover rosin chips. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to recycle your chips instead of letting them go to waste. And of course, let us know your favorite uses for rosin chips!