A rundown of the best dab tools available in 2021

Dab tools and implements are a critical part of a smooth dabbing experience, and a good dabber can make or break your session. So, if you’re looking for some new gear this year then here’s the best dab tools in 2021.

The Terpometer by Zpace Laboratories 

The Terpometer by Zpace Laboratoriesis hands down the best dabbing tool on the market today. Not only does it effortlessly handle a wide variety of concentrate consistencies, but its integrated thermometer makes this dab tool an all-in-one master of dabs. 

Take super accurate temperatures from quartz, ceramic, or titanium bangers with the terpometer’s calibrated thermometer, and then flip it over to grab a dab to drop, all with one hand. Fine craftsmanship and an easy to use LED display combine to produce the space age dabber you’ve been waiting for.

Etched Dab Tool by Cellini & Co. Dabbers

If you’re in the market for an artisan dab tool to accompany your show stopping centerpiece glass rig, then look no further than an Etched Dab Tool by Cellini & Co. Dabbers. Constructed from brass, opal, and epoxy, these elegant dabbers combine comfort and performance with a wide range of beautiful aesthetics, which makes for a hardwearing and visually stunning dab tool that gets the job done in-style.

Midi Carb Cap & Dab Tool by Mystic Timber

If practicality is what you’re looking for then a two-in-one carb cap/dab tool is just what the doctor ordered, and the Midi Carb Cap & Dab Tool by Mystic Timber is the perfect candidate. 

Drop your dab, and then immediately flip the Midi over to make use of its integrated carb cap to make one handed dabbing a breeze. Crafted from high quality titanium and elegant North American hardwood, this dab tool is both a top performer and a beautiful companion to your rig.

Master Kit by Skilletools

For those who appreciate using the right tool for the right job, then take a look at the Master Kit by Skilletools. Different consistencies of concentrate require appropriate tools to best handle them, and the Master Kit represents the complete dabbing tool box for surgical precision. From knives and palettes, to scoops and hooks, the Master Kit has every kind of tool you could need for a dab sesh, no matter the type of concentrate you’re dealing with. 

That’s our rundown of the best dab tools available in 2021. Be sure to check out our full range of dabbing appliances for more options.