Keep your hash washing water at the perfect temp and ready to go at all times

Thanks to the complexity of ice water extraction, running a commercial hash washing facility is a huge undertaking that requires some serious investment in order to be successful. Just simply keeping your water at hash washing temperatures requires time and energy, which for a commercial business means overheads. So, with that in mind let us introduce our range of Multiplex Super-Chill ice water chillers which provides pro hash makers with all the cold water they could ever need.

Endless Ice Water

Commercial hash washing requires the use of huge amounts of perfectly cooled water, and in order to supply your solventless laboratories’ insatiable thirst for cold H2O, you’re going to need more than just a reverse osmosis system. Maintaining a large reservoir of water at low temperatures is also required if you want to keep your lab running smoothly, and an ice water chiller is the only tool for the job.

Solventless Consistency

Ice water chillers hold your hash washing water at precise temperatures. That means you can effortlessly hit your optimum temps time after time, resulting in unmatched consistency. By ensuring consistent production practices, you’ll ensure your end product is equally consistent – which as hash makers all know, is a critical consideration for commercial producers.

Increased Production Capacity

In order to produce solventless hash on a sufficient scale to be profitable, you’re also going to need to maximize your lab’s throughput. Mechanizing laborious and energy intensive tasks such as water chilling is an obvious solution, and ultimately, investing in at least one Multiplex Super-Chill will increase your laboratory’s production capacity noticeably. Furthermore, with a range of machine sizes available, there’s always a perfect fit for your particular lab’s needs.

Improved Efficiency

Time is money for every business owner, and one of the greatest benefits of an ice water chiller is simply speeding up production. Having a constant bank of perfectly prepared water ready at all times ensures your production lines flow without interruption, and helps to improve the overall efficiency of your solventless lab immensely. So, if you’re a commercial hash washer looking to upgrade your labs capacity and efficiency, then check out Multiplex Super-Chill ice water chillers.