Let’s face it, full desktop dab rigs can be a handful at the best of times. You need glass rigs, blow torches, or e-nail systems, not to mention a plethora of secondary equipment just to take a hit. Even for avid dabbers that can be too much sometimes, which is why we’re so excited the all-in-one e-rig has finally arrived to make dabbing straightforward. So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use portable vape rig with desktop level performance, here’s why you should consider a Focus V Carta.

Vital Statistics 

The Carta is a two-in-one dry herb/wax vaporizer rig that can be used for vaping flower, or concentrates like solventless rosin, and it sports a comfortable, ergonomic design for easy handling. With replaceable atomizers, customizable temperature presets, and excellent build quality across the board, the Focus V Carta is a seriously capable electronic rig.

Customized Temperature Control

Pinpoint accurate temperature control is vital when it comes to dabbing, and the Focus V Carta has a nifty little trick up its sleeve in this regard. With the Focus V mobile app paired to your Carta via Bluetooth, you can set custom temps to the single degree from your mobile phone, which makes chasing the boiling points of specific terpenes and cannabinoids a breeze. 

Remote Operation

The Focus V app goes further than just temperature control – it’s also capable of operating the V Carta hands-free. Change settings for herb or wax, set exact time and temperature parameters, and even fire up your rig, all remotely from your mobile phone.

Replaceable Batteries 

If you’re dabbing on the go, then you definitely don’t want to run out of juice. Most other e-rigs have an integrated battery that needs to be plugged into a power outlet to recharge, but the Focus V Carta uses replaceable batteries, meaning you can take back-up batteries so you’re  never left hanging. Additionally, the Carta makes use of USB-C technology, so it also charges much more quickly than older micro-USB devices. 

Bundled Kit

Best of all, the Focus V Carta includes a comprehensive dabbing kit. From extra quartz and titanium atomizers, to a carb cap, silicone concentrate container, dab tool, and batteries; the V Carta has everything you’ll need bundled with it, and even comes with a portable carrying case to pack it all into.

So, if you’re looking for a high quality, compact, all-in-one electronic rig, then be sure to check out Focus V for more information.