We’re always updating our machines to make pressing rosin easier than ever. Check out our latest developments in personal and commercial rosin presses!

Rosin Tech has come a long way in just a few short years. From pioneering commercial presses to the introduction of home varieties, we’re always pushing ourselves to create the best possible product. In fact, the development of new and better tools for making rosin is at the heart of our mission. So, let’s take a look at all the newest developments in Rosin Tech that makes pressing rosin easier than ever.

Best Personal Rosin Press

One of our greatest advancements has been the creation of our home line of rosin presses, bringing rosin tech to the masses. The Rosin Tech Go™ is the obvious choice for those looking to make their own rosin at home for a number of reasons.

Its beauty lies within its features that make pressing rosin easier than ever. With a simple hand press design coupled with digital temperature control, you don’t need anything more than filter bags and some dank flower, dry-sift or bubble hash to get started. Plus, the ultra-light weight design and compact size means you can even take it on-the-go for mobile extraction.

Not to mention, the latest generation of Rosin Tech Go has been updated for improved durability. It now comes with a larger plate, improved ergonomics, and re-engineering of parts to maximize your homemade rosin.

Best Commercial Rosin Press

When it comes to large scale rosin production, it’s not all about how powerful your press is. Of course, you’ll need the mechanical aid of hydraulics or pneumatics in order to produce large amounts of product, but consistent temperature control and timing are of equal importance.

It’s because of this critical aspect of rosin production that we created the Rosin Tech Pro Touch™. Not only does it come equipped with industrial grade pneumatic grunt for repeated use, but also boasts our most advanced electronic control unit.

It has a couple of key new features that makes pressing rosin easier and more concise than ever. First, the Rosin Tech Pro Touch allows you to input precise temperature and timing adjustments on an intuitive touch screen control panel. What’s more, you can also log all your settings and export them via Wi-Fi, allowing you to create a consistent, data-driven final product every time.

The Game Changer: Newest Commercial Rosin Press

Having evolved from everything that we’ve learned so far, the Rosin Tech Daxtractor™ is a game changer for the concentrate industry. Combining the power of a pneumatic press with a compact desktop mounted enclosure, the Daxtractor is our most practical commercial press to date.

Daxtractor high yield rosin extractor extraction

Not only does the simplified design streamline rosin production, but by making use of an efficient link design hand pump, the Daxtractor is able to run without the need for a huge air compressor. Meaning, you can achieve commercial results and yields with a much simpler and less energy intensive setup than the current industry standard. Plus, with its incredible build quality – courtesy of a heavy-duty carbon-steel enclosure – the Daxtractor represents the pinnacle of rosin press design and functionality.  

That’s a wrap on our newest updates to rosin tech. What are some features or functions that could make your rosin press better?