Category: Commercial Extraction

The Best Rosin Heat Plates

Rosin heat plates are easily the most important part of your rosin press. They handle all the heat and pressure of solventless rosin making, so it’s critical to be using the highest quality plates available, like our industry leading RTP press plates. Heat Plates For Rosin Press: Durability Your heat plates take the brunt of the punishment when it comes to pressing solventless rosin, and a key consideration with quality heat plates is long term durability. Countless applications of intense pressure and heat takes its toll, so investing in some heavy duty aluminum plates with real build quality is...

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The Ice-O-Lator Hash Explainer

Iceolator is the original bubble hash production method from Amsterdam’s Pollinator Company Ice-o-lator hash, bubble hash, ice water hash, it’s the hashish of many names. Invented by Amsterdam’s Pollinator Company in the late 1990s, ice water extraction has become the pinnacle of hash making, and is now used all over the world to create the best hashish in existence. Ice-O-lator is, in fact, the brand name of Pollinator’s pioneering filter bag system that made bubble hash a reality, and in cannabis circles, the term has become so synonymous with ice water extraction that many now use it in everyday...

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The Complete Solventless Extraction Lab

If you’re a cultivator or producer looking to get into the concentrate game, then setting up a pro rosin extraction lab should definitely be high on your agenda. Owing to the simplicity and safety of the rosin process, setting up a solventless extraction lab is one of the most cost effective ways to enter the concentrate market. You’ll need all the right equipment for the job of course, but here at Rosin Tech we’ve got you covered. From presses and extraction machines, to filter bags and concentrate tools, we’ll guide you through everything that you need to setup up...

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