Category: Rosin vs. Shatter

What is Whipped Buddha Rosin?

In its short life, rosin tech has evolved tremendously. From the old days of hair straighteners to today’s super advanced presses, rosin just keeps getting better. And it’s not just the tech that continues to improve and introduce new ideas, solventless rosin itself has evolved alongside.  One of the newer types of rosin to appear is whipped buddha, a pale, butter like rosin that has become a stalwart of cannabis dispensaries. But what’s the deal with this type of concentrate? Does it have advantages, and is it ultimately worth the extra effort? Let’s explore whipped buddha rosin.  What is...

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Rosin vs. Shatter: What’s the Difference

There are so many different types of cannabis concentrates nowadays, each with about a dozen nicknames, like shatter, budder, rosin, wax, and dabs. But what’s the difference? And which is the best? The truth is, it all comes down to two main distinguishing factors: whether or not solvents were used in the extraction process and the texture of the finished products. Solvents are liquids used for dissolving other substances. In the case of cannabis concentrates, different types of solvents, like butane, carbon dioxide, alcohol, propane or CO2, can be used to extract cannabinoids from flower, kief, shake, or trim...

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