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Rosin Pressing: Key Temperatures Guide

Why is it so important?  When it comes to extracting premium rosin, the phrase “quality in, quality out” is heavily tossed around, and for good reason. With that said, the quality of your starting material is not the sole dictator of your end product. Temperature also plays a pivotal role in solventless concentrates both in the overall quality as well as taste. But with so many types of starting material to choose from, and often inconsistent test results for said material, developing a methodical and consistent approach to pressing rosin can remain difficult, especially when it comes to selecting...

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Cannabis Cultivation Tips for Making Rosin

Rosin making is all about the trichomes. The resin packed glands that grow over the surface of cannabis are responsible for every taste, aroma, and effect we associate with the plant, and the more the merrier when it comes to solventless rosin. It’s the reason top rosin makers go out of their way to source the most trichome packed bud they can find – because it simply produces better end results. As experienced growers will know, however, the quantity and quality of a plant’s trichomes depend on two important factors: its genetics and how well it was cultivated. So...

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Rosin Clarity: How to Make Beautifully Clear Rosin

A light color and clear consistency are hallmarks of top quality solventless rosin. But for many beginner rosineers, achieving that level of refinement can be tricky – or might even seem impossible. However, with the right know-how and technique, clear rosin is right around the corner. So, if your solventless rosin looks dark or has an inconsistent appearance to it, then dive into our clarity guide! We’ll show you exactly how to make beautifully clear rosin. Starting Material Quality As with all aspects of rosin making, the quality of your starting material has the biggest impact on your end...

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First Time Rosin Presser: 5 Mistakes Not to Make

There’s never been a better time to jump into making your own solventless rosin. It’s a simple and relatively easy process to perform, but despite that simplicity, there are still a number of mistakes first time rosin pressers will encounter. So let’s go over the main offenders to help you avoid some classic noob rosin mistakes. 1. Using Poor Quality Starting Material “You get out what you put in.” You’ll hear this saying a lot when it comes to rosin, and for good reason. That’s because, one of the most common mistakes new rosin pressers make is to use...

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What is Whipped Buddha Rosin?

In its short life, rosin tech has evolved tremendously. From the old days of hair straighteners to today’s super advanced presses, rosin just keeps getting better. And it’s not just the tech that continues to improve and introduce new ideas, solventless rosin itself has evolved alongside.  One of the newer types of rosin to appear is whipped buddha, a pale, butter like rosin that has become a stalwart of cannabis dispensaries. But what’s the deal with this type of concentrate? Does it have advantages, and is it ultimately worth the extra effort? Let’s explore whipped buddha rosin.  What is...

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