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How to Maximize Yields of Flower Rosin

Pressing from flower is one of the simplest ways to make rosin, but despite that simplicity it can still be tricky to get a good yield out of your presses. In fact, one of the most frequently asked questions surrounding flower rosin is, “How can I improve my yield?” Novice rosin makers can usually produce a solventless concentrate that is 10 to 15 percent of the weight of their starting material easily, but improving beyond that requires some extra effort and knowledge. The purpose of this article is to explore each of the factors that can negatively affect your...

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How To Make Rosin

1. Getting Started – Prep work To make rosin, you can use dry flowers/trim, dry sift/kief, or bubble hash. Regardless of your starting material, the process is the same – apply pressure and heat to create an organic, solvent free cannabis oil. In addition to your plant material, you’ll need parchment paper, micron filter bags, a collection tool, and your rosin press. Rosin Tech Filter Bags When pressing whole flowers, filter bags are optional, but for any other material you need to use a micron filter bag. The smaller the micron rating number, the tighter the filter and the...

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