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Flower Rosin: Are Filter Bags Worth It?

While micron filter bags are an absolute necessity when it comes to pressing with dry-sift or bubble hash, their use is not critical when pressing from flower, and subsequently, many flower pressers don’t even consider using them. However, filter bags have a lot to bring to the solventless table, as they can improve the quality of your flower rosin immensely.  See how micron filter bags help prevent plant material from being pressed into finished flower rosin. What are Micron Filter Bags? Rosin micron filters are typically bags composed of a fine nylon mesh, and they basically function in the...

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How To Pack Filter Bags: Are you doing it right?

Picking out the right size filter bag is important, equally important is how to pack your filter bags. If you don’t know how to select the right filter bag, take a look at our past article. Once you’ve selected the right filter bag for the material you’re working with, you’re ready to begin packing. Let’s start with general rules: >Don’t over pack your filter bags. This means don’t pack in so much material that you are unable to pre-press or flatten your bags. If the bag is over packed and tight you run the risk of bursting your filter...

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