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Rosin Making Essentials: How to Use a Pre-Press Mold

While pressing flower is the easiest way to make solventless rosin, there are a number of subtleties to the process that can really improve your press. An often overlooked step involves pre-pressing your cannabis flower, but what is pre-pressing? And how do you do it? Let’s take a look at how to use a pre-press mold. What Is Pre-Pressing? Pre-pressing is a technique that helps to prepare your cannabis flower for pressing into rosin. It involves lightly squashing buds into an even shaped block which helps to improve your rosin output. Consistently distributing flower in this way allows heat...

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Flower Rosin: Are Filter Bags Worth It?

While micron filter bags are an absolute necessity when it comes to pressing with dry-sift or bubble hash, their use is not critical when pressing from flower, and subsequently, many flower pressers don’t even consider using them. However, filter bags have a lot to bring to the solventless table, as they can improve the quality of your flower rosin immensely.  See how micron filter bags help prevent plant material from being pressed into finished flower rosin. What are Micron Filter Bags? Rosin micron filters are typically bags composed of a fine nylon mesh, and they basically function in the...

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Live Rosin vs. Live Resin: What’s the difference? + How to Make Live Rosin

Live rosin and live resin are two different types of cannabis extracts that often get confused. Even the term live rosin is technically inaccurate, although, it seems to be here to stay. We decided to set the record straight and define live resin and live rosin once and for all. Plus, we also explain how to make live rosin, step-by-step. What is live resin? The term live resin is in reference to a solvent based extract, normally BHO, that is made with live, or freshly frozen, plant material. It is a single pass extraction that captures the plant’s terpene...

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