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The History of the High Times Cannabis Cup and its Legacy: Part 2

This is Part 2 of the History of the High Times Cannabis Cup Series. Click below to read Part 1. High Times Cannabis Cup History Pt.1 The underground heyday of the 1990’s was drawing to a close and with the turn of the millennium, a new dawn awaited the High Times Cannabis Cup. For an event that had started with humble intentions, there was simply no escaping the reality of how popular the Cup had become. From the thousands of visitors each year to the cannabis sales, winning seed sales, and merchandising; there was now serious money at stake....

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The History of the High Times Cannabis Cup and its Legacy: Part 1

Last year, The High Times Cannabis Cup celebrated its 30th anniversary. Being the premier event in the cannabis calendar, the Cannabis Cup represents a pilgrimage for enthusiasts looking to sample the best weed the world has to offer. In this two-part series we’ll delve into the long and fascinating history of the Cup, and its lasting legacy. But first we need to introduce a very special place, the country that made it all possible to begin with: the Netherlands. Welcome to Amsterdam For decades the city of Amsterdam has been the mecca of cannabis. And in that time, people...

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The History of Rosin

Solventless rosin may not have been around for that long, but it has a surprisingly interesting history. The exploding popularity of rosin has made it the go-to concentrate for the modern dabbing connoisseur, but things have not always been this way. So, where did rosin come from? And who invented it? It may have only been around for a handful of years, but rosin actually owes its existence to advancements in a much older form of concentrate making: hashish. The Evolution of Hash Making For over a thousand years, hashish was the king of cannabis concentrates. Traded across Asia,...

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