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Medical Cannabis in Oklahoma: 2019 Year in Review

Following its landmark vote in 2018 to become the 30th state in America to legalize medical cannabis, Oklahoma has been sailing full steam ahead. For such a conservative state, OK has surprisingly taken some massive strides towards creating a viable medical cannabis market.   It may have taken some time to get here (which you can read all about that in our previous article on the History of Cannabis in Oklahoma <link>), but the sun is finally shining on MMJ in OKL. Let’s take a look at what has happened in the last year. One of our Oklahoma City, OK...

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How To Make Rosin: 2019 Edition

The new year has come around once again, but this year, instead of making a boring new year’s resolution that you’ll never keep, how about doing something more interesting for 2019? Why not learn how to make your own solventless rosin? The wonderful thing about rosin is that it can be made relatively easily and the process is completely safe, requiring only heat and pressure to create an organic, solvent free cannabis oil. That means you can produce your very own concentrates right in the comfort of your own home. If that sounds fun to you, then follow us through...

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