Author: Seth Styles

When to Harvest Cannabis Plants According to Trichome Color

Harvesting cannabis plants at the right time is a critical skill, and there’s far more to it than simply waiting a predetermined amount of time. Top cultivators pay close attention to the condition and color of their plant’s trichomes in order to decide the best moment to harvest, and here we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about trichome color and harvesting. Trichome Color Harvest As cannabis plants enter the flowering stage of their life cycle, their trichomes begin to develop and eventually cover much of the plant’s surface. During this time trichomes go through three...

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Enjoy a Greener Black Friday with the Rosin Tech Gift Guide

Black Friday’s almost here again but all we can see is the color green… the same color as premium starting material, saved money, …the Rosin Tech logo? You see where we’re going. While we prepare for this extra green Black Friday, we figured we’d walk you through a refresher of some of the hottest items for extraction enthusiasts this holiday season. You’ll find plenty of great gift ideas here, from stocking stuffers to that big present that you save for the very end! So, let’s press on to our 2021 Black Friday Guide!    Paint the Town Amber with...

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Rosin Tech Labs Live Rosin Delivery

2020 saw unprecedented numbers turning to the convenience of cannabis delivery services. Now, Rosin Tech Labs is bringing premium quality cold-cured live rosin from our labs to your door with online ordering and home delivery. With numerous benefits to home delivery of cannabis products, these services are here to stay. If you’re still on the fence about using a cannabis delivery service, you’re not alone. Many people approach the idea of fresh live rosin delivered to their door with skepticism. Who can blame them after living for decades under oppressive conditions in a country that actively demonized cannabis? And...

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What Does the Future Hold for Cannabis Vape Pen Technology?

The cannabis industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds with technology keeping a similarly quick pace. Sometimes, a breakthrough in technology pulls the industry forward. Other times, changes in laws, regulations and even culture demand a shift in the current technology. Either way, progress is constantly being made. A lot of the technology we’re about to discuss is already well under way, albeit not in a commercially viable form. As vaping continues to be a driving force in the recreational cannabis market, we can only expect such technology to be developed even more quickly.  Concentrates Are Still King...

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Rosin Carts Are Here. What Took So Long?

Solventless extracts are cleaner and purer than extracts produced through solvent-based methods, but they’re not always convenient. Because of the thick viscosity of rosin, enjoying solventless extracts in a vape pod or vape pen has been impossible. That’s all finally changing with the advent of the rosin cartridge. But now that we know rosin carts are possible, the real question is: what took so long? A Thompson Duke cart filling machine in-use. When you run through your dabbing or vaping rituals today, it may be difficult to recall how much the technology you’re using has evolved over the course...

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