Author: Seth Styles

How to Use Jar Tech to Kick Out the Jam

So you got your hands on your first sample of rosin jam and you can’t believe how good the flavor tastes and how hard it hits. Now you’re probably thinking ‘how can I make my own rosin jams and sauces?’ Two words: Jar Tech. While utilizing this function is probably easier than it sounds, it still requires a great amount of attention to detail and a hefty dose of trial and error. Flexible enough to be used with pretty much any rosin press on the market, you’ll find the most ideal results with models like the Rosin Tech Precision Press, which includes features conducive to Jar Tech operation. Direct Flow from Press to Jar Jar Tech happens exclusively during the post-processing phase, no matter what technique you decide to employ. At its most basic level, the technique involves a direct flow from your rosin press into a waiting glass jar where the rosin is carefully collected before being sealed immediately. The Precision Press is particularly handy in this step of the Jar Tech process since it can be easily tipped when compared to other presses, lending to smooth guidance of the rosin flow. Jar Tech w/ the Rosin Tech Precision Press Variation in Technique Once the jar is sealed, the technique will vary depending on your personal preferences. Jar Tech is similar to cooking in that every chef has...

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How the Daxtractor Became Crucial for Ice Water Hash

The unique properties of this rosin press make it perfect for ice water hash enthusiasts. Here’s how. Hitting the 710 scene like the tank of a rosin press that it is, the Daxtractor has raised the bar for extraction artistry by offering a machine that can actually keep up with the talents of the most creative and ambitious extractors working today. Born from the vision of entrepreneur and renowned extractor Dax Davis, the Daxtractor promises a rosin press designed by extraction artists for extraction artists. And it delivers. Fitting All That Power Into Such a Little Box When Dax...

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