Author: Anthony DiBartolo

5 Tips for Making Killer Bubble Hash

Making high end bubble hash is both an art and a science, and mastering this craft requires time, effort, and above all, knowhow. Let’s face it, ice water extraction is a complicated way to make hash, and there’s a lot to learn before you can even think of achieving five- and six-star quality. So, if you’re a novice hash washer looking to jump into the big leagues, then here’s five tips for making killer bubble hash. 1. Quality In Equals Quality Out The importance of using top grade flower for making bubble hash cannot be overstated, and that’s because the quality, freshness, and strain of your starting material makes the biggest difference to your end results. So, always go out of your way to source the finest and freshest cannabis you can lay your hands on, because it will pay dividends down the line.  2. Use Purified Water and Ice With hash washing, it’s crucial to use purified water rather than tap water for two principle reasons. Firstly, the chemical composition of tap water can change drastically from one area to another, and so will contain varying quantities of particulates and minerals that will contaminate your end results.  Secondly, most tap water undergoes some kind of chlorination and/or fluoridation process which often results in bubble hash with a faint chlorine like taste and aroma. That’s why it’s important to...

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Bottle Tech: A Better Way To Press?

Adam Garfio of Rosin Tech Products on pressing flower material using the Bottle Tech method. What is it exactly? Bottle Tech is a rosin pressing method that allows for higher efficiency when it comes to extraction in the aspects of yield and quality. When using the Bottle Tech method, you’re compressing your puck’s footprint in an effort to increase the amount of pressure per square inch that is put down on your material. Since you’re vertically stacking your material, you allow for more room for your material to escape from the heated plates. This helps to  retain more of the...

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