Author: Anthony DiBartolo

Did Minor League Baseball Just Greenlight Cannabis Use?

Back in December 2019, Major League Baseball announced that it would be removing cannabis from their banned substances list for professional players in the minor leagues. This finally brought minor league baseball into line with the major leagues, who hadn’t been policed as harshly as the smaller local town players. Starting with the 2020 season, a whole world of solventless cannabis has opened to major sports, and solventless cannabis for athletic recovery, performance anxiety, and pain relief are just around the corner for professional baseball players, minor and major leaguers alike. “Drugs of Abuse” It’s an open secret that major league baseball players have never really been tested for cannabis, and while few talk about it publicly, a fairly overt cannabis culture exists within the game at its highest levels. For minor leaguers however, it’s a very different story. Owing to their generally younger ages, minor league pros had previously been subject to strict testing, and swift bans if caught using cannabis. Ultimately, this meant players were forced to avoid using cannabis completely, even as a medicine.  But now, following the MLBs official announcement that it is removing cannabis from its list of “Drugs of Abuse”, minor league players can finally make use of cannabis just like the big timers. Furthermore, with the two leagues aligned on cannabis policy, this surely presents a tremendous opportunity for solventless cannabis to...

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Rosin Pressing: Key Temperatures Guide

Why is it so important?  When it comes to extracting premium rosin, the phrase “quality in, quality out” is heavily tossed around, and for good reason. With that said, the quality of your starting material is not the sole dictator of your end product. Temperature also plays a pivotal role in solventless concentrates both in the overall quality as well as taste. But with so many types of starting material to choose from, and often inconsistent test results for said material, developing a methodical and consistent approach to pressing rosin can remain difficult, especially when it comes to selecting...

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Benefits of Pre-Pressing Your Material

Often overlooked by many, pre-pressing is an essential part of rosin making that helps users go a long way to ensure their solventless extracts are squished with the utmost quality. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits.  Eliminate Bag Blowouts When it comes to pressing rosin, nothing is more frustrating than when you blow out a bag that’s packed with high quality material. This allows your extract to become compromised and have plenty of plant lipids inside, affecting the overall taste when it comes time to dab your concentrate later on. But by using one of...

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Starting A Rosin Hobby?

   In a world that’s placing more of an importance on healthy living each and every day, more and more people are beginning to do the same thing when it comes to their cannabis consumption. This is also directly evident when it comes to concentrates, as more and more cannabis enthusiast flock to the concept of creating their own, solventless extracts right from the comfort of their very own living room. Which makes it one of Cannabis 2020’s perfect hobbies to pick up!  Now, did you know that in Southern California, the average price of rosin will run you...

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