Making high end bubble hash is both an art and a science, and mastering this craft requires time, effort, and above all, knowhow. Let’s face it, ice water extraction is a complicated way to make hash, and there’s a lot to learn before you can even think of achieving five- and six-star quality. So, if you’re a novice hash washer looking to jump into the big leagues, then here’s five tips for making killer bubble hash.

1. Quality In Equals Quality Out

The importance of using top grade flower for making bubble hash cannot be overstated, and that’s because the quality, freshness, and strain of your starting material makes the biggest difference to your end results. So, always go out of your way to source the finest and freshest cannabis you can lay your hands on, because it will pay dividends down the line. 

2. Use Purified Water and Ice

With hash washing, it’s crucial to use purified water rather than tap water for two principle reasons. Firstly, the chemical composition of tap water can change drastically from one area to another, and so will contain varying quantities of particulates and minerals that will contaminate your end results. 

Secondly, most tap water undergoes some kind of chlorination and/or fluoridation process which often results in bubble hash with a faint chlorine like taste and aroma. That’s why it’s important to invest in a reverse osmosis purification system and ice maker so that you can avoid the problem altogether.

3. Use Gentle Runs

A common approach to hash washing is to try and extract as much as possible in one go, however, that’s not always best. Long and vigorous runs can cause over-agitation which results in unwanted plant materials being extracted, too. That’s why pro bubble hash makers advise processing the same batch of cannabis twice with two short gentle runs, as this will minimize the chances of plant fats and detritus ending up in your bubble hash.

4. Keep it Cold

Obviously, ice water extraction utilizes almost freezing temperatures, but it’s also important to use cold temperatures throughout the extraction process. Not only should you chill your starting material and finished hash, but you should also ensure the ambient temperature of your extraction facility is cool too. That’s because even the slightest amount of heat can wreak havoc on your delicate hash.  

5. Freeze Dry

While air drying your wet bubble hash certainly does the job, freeze drying is what you need for top quality. Air dried hash can take weeks to fully desiccate, which not only eats up a lot of time, but also exposes your precious bubble hash to unnecessary contact with oxygen. Ultimately, this causes oxidation which will damage the volatile compounds you are trying to collect, so drying your wet bubble hash as quickly as is possible will help preserve its delicate terpene profile.

That concludes our quick guide on how to make killer bubble hash. Hopefully with this advice, you can improve your ice water extraction output and finally achieve five- and six-star quality hash. Just remember to pay attention to the little things, because lots of small improvements add up to a big difference in the end.