Thanks to solventless rosin, do-it-yourself dab making is taking over the concentrate game

Nothing quite beats making your own cannabis concentrates at home. Why fork out for expensive off-the-shelf dabs at a dispensary when you can press your own for a fraction of the cost? Best of all, the rosin tech process is so simple that anyone can do it, and no specialist equipment is required. All you need to make solventless rosin is a do-it-yourself attitude.

Do-It-Yourself Culture is Cannabis Culture

Where would any of us solventless fans be without do-it-yourself culture? After all, rosin tech was literally invented by DIY cannabis enthusiasts. With nothing more than some trusty hair straighteners in hand, a little parchment paper, and some dank bud, rosin tech was born. Of course, technology has evolved enormously since those early days, but stoners making their own dabs remains a central pillar of the rosin game. And at the end of the day, nothing quite compares to freshly squeezed solventless rosin. 

Quality Right at Home

Who wants to have to go all the way to a dispensary in order to buy dabs? Not many cannabis enthusiasts, if we’re being honest – not when the convenience of pressing dabs on demand in the comfort of your own home exists. 

Furthermore, making your own rosin allows you to take control of the entire process. From selecting quality starting material, experimenting with time, temperature, and pressure settings, to curing and storage, you know exactly what has gone into your dabs. No need to worry about contaminants <link contamination article>and wild west cannabis regulations, just safe dabs, exactly how you like them.

High Grade Dabs

But if I want high grade rosin, I’ll need commercial dabs, right? Not at all. Believe it or not, with just a little equipment and a lot of know-how, you can make premium high grade dabs that can blow even the best dispensary offerings out of the water. 

Admittedly you may struggle to make premium rosin with a rudimentary hair straightener setup. But with even the simplest rosin press like our Rosin Tech Go2™,for example, you can elevate your rosin game to commercial standards with fine time, temperature, and pressure control. 

So, keep the DIY spirit alive and the dabs rolling by pressing your own rosin, because that do-it-yourself culture has made the cannabis industry what it is today, and long may it live on in the hearts of every solventless rosin maker.