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Cannabis Legalization in Mexico: A Full Explainer

While the eyes of the cannabis world have been fixed on Canada and its recent legalization, it could be easy to overlook that our southern neighbor might just be on the cusp of fully legalizing marijuana too. In the last year, Mexico has taken some huge steps forward, and with a legalization friendly new president taking the helm, the near future looks incredibly promising for legal weed in the country. What Happened in the Last Year? In 2017, medical marijuana was passed into law in Mexico, but it wasn’t until October 30 this year that Cofepris, Mexico’s regulatory agency,...

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SHO Products Featured in ‘Beyond Buds’ by Legendary Ed Rosenthal

Beyond Buds, Next Generation: Marijuana Concentrates and Cannabis Infusions is a new book by cannabis industry legend Ed Rosenthal. It’s a cutting-edge exploration of cannabis concentrates, from hash making and tinctures to BHO, C02 oil and rosin. And halfway through book in the middle of the Company Spotlights section is two whole pages dedicated to SHO products and our solventless Rosin Tech technology. Author Ed Rosenthal is a leading cannabis horticulture authority, author, educator, social activist and legalization pioneer. Affectionately known as “The Guru of Ganja,” Ed has been at the forefront of legalization and cannabis education for decades....

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SHO Products Consulting Services for Solventless Extraction

With the cannabis industry maturing at an astonishing rate, it’s never been more important to get professional advice about solventless extraction from experts who have been in the industry for years. Get a head start on your competition with the best education surrounding equipment, procedures, training and branding with SHO Consulting Services. Operating Procedures The cornerstone of every successful solventless production facility is an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). SHO Consulting Services provides a variety of different SOP’s that contain detailed explanations on how to make an array of products, from rosin to edibles. Additionally, we tailor SOP’s to accommodate...

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All About Vaping Concentrates

Let’s Start With A Brief History of Vaping. In the last decade vaping has taken the cannabis world by storm. Walk into any licensed dispensary or head shop and it’ll be hard not to find a range of vaporizers, pens and pipes on display catering to all your vaping needs. It’s a genuine industry phenomenon, and one that looks set to dominate the future of cannabis consumption. So, what is vaporizing? Where did it originate? And why has it become so popular? Join us on a brief walk through the history of vaping and find out. What is Vaporization? Key...

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What’s In Your Dabs? The Terpenes and Possible Carcinogens

At Rosin Tech Products , we never tire of extolling the virtues of dabbing. Whether it be the higher potency, sublime flavor, or simply the health benefits of inhaling vapor instead of smoke, dabbing has it all. Let’s take a look at why we believe it’s the superior method of consuming cannabis. It’s All About Terpenes Terpenes or “terps,” as they are commonly known, are aromatic oils found in many plants. Pine trees, the hops in your favorite IPA, and of course, cannabis, all contain terpenes in droves. They are what give cannabis its all familiar flavor and aroma....

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