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Cannabis in Colombia: Q&A with the Owner of Tienda Blonsh

  Felix Llanos (second from left) is the owner of Tienda Blonsh, a grow shop and head shop in Cali, Colombia. He’s been serving the cannabis community in Colombia for years with all things weed-related, from dab rigs and cultivation equipment to Rosin Tech Products like the Twist™, Smash™,  Go™. Mr. Llanos is passionate about our favorite plant, especially introducing new cannabis products to Colombia and helping to change the stigma in his country. We interviewed him for the inside scoop on cannabis and dabs in Colombia. How long have you owned Tienda Blonsh? Feilx: I’ve been the owner of...

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Latin America: Leading the Way on Cannabis Reform

  You might be surprised to learn that Latin America has been passing some progressive cannabis reform recently. Many countries have decriminalized personal use possession of weed and other drugs as a way to treat drug use as a public health issue rather than a criminal one. That’s more progressive than the stance the U.S. federally has on cannabis. The U.S. and many Latin American countries, particularly Mexico and Colombia, have a long history of drug trafficking, cartel violence, and a military and paramilitary fueled War on Drugs. But, in recent years, many Latin American nations have realized these...

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Rosin Abroad: Check Out the Countries Where Concentrates Are Becoming Popular

Rosin and other types of extracts were hard to find outside of the West Coast of the U.S. until recently. Sure, you could buy old-school black hash almost anywhere on the globe, but now “710” culture is taking the world by storm. Take our neighbors to the south, Mexico, for example. Cannabis flower is still illegal to grow and consume, even though the country passed its first medical cannabis laws last year. But that hasn’t stopped the “cultura dab” from growing. In Mexico, there are events where cannabis enthusiasts can get together and learn about new trends, like ExpoWeed...

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