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SHO Products Consulting Services for Solventless Extraction

With the cannabis industry maturing at an astonishing rate, it’s never been more important to get professional advice about solventless extraction from experts who have been in the industry for years. Get a head start on your competition with the best education surrounding equipment, procedures, training and branding with SHO Consulting Services. Operating Procedures The cornerstone of every successful solventless production facility is an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). SHO Consulting Services provides a variety of different SOP’s that contain detailed explanations on how to make an array of products, from rosin to edibles. Additionally, we tailor SOP’s to accommodate...

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The Importance of Good Quality Equipment for Ice Water Extraction

With demand for solventless cannabis concentrates at an all time high, there’s never been a better time to set up an Ice Water Extraction (IWE) laboratory. But, whether you’re a grower looking for a new way to use leftover cuttings, or a rosin producer looking to take full control of your starting material, the importance of good quality equipment for IWE cannot be overstated. Ice water extraction is a solventless form of hash making which produces a chemical-free concentrate commonly known as bubble hash. It works on the basic principle that THC is heavier than water. When fresh uncured...

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Live Rosin vs. Live Resin: What’s the difference? + How to Make Live Rosin

Live rosin and live resin are two different types of cannabis extracts that often get confused. Even the term live rosin is technically inaccurate, although, it seems to be here to stay. We decided to set the record straight and define live resin and live rosin once and for all. Plus, we also explain how to make live rosin, step-by-step. What is live resin? The term live resin is in reference to a solvent based extract, normally BHO, that is made with live, or freshly frozen, plant material. It is a single pass extraction that captures the plant’s terpene...

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Want to Sell Your Extract? What You Need to Know About California Law

Since January 1st, California’s adult use market is open for business and the “green rush” is in full swing. But how hard is it to enter the legal cannabis industry as a business owner? There’s certainly a few steps involved, but we’ve broken them down to help make your dream a reality. If you make great, flavorful rosin that you’d like to sell, you’ll want to apply for a Type 6 license in California for “non-volatile” extract production. If you’re looking into producing shatter, or Butane Hash Oil (BHO), you’re going to need to apply for a different license...

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How To Make Rosin

1. Getting Started – Prep work To make rosin, you can use dry flowers/trim, dry sift/kief, or bubble hash. Regardless of your starting material, the process is the same – apply pressure and heat to create an organic, solvent free cannabis oil. In addition to your plant material, you’ll need parchment paper, micron filter bags, a collection tool, and your rosin press. Rosin Tech Filter Bags When pressing whole flowers, filter bags are optional, but for any other material you need to use a micron filter bag. The smaller the micron rating number, the tighter the filter and the...

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