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SHO Products Consulting Services for Solventless Extraction

With the cannabis industry maturing at an astonishing rate, it’s never been more important to get professional advice about solventless extraction from experts who have been in the industry for years. Get a head start on your competition with the best education surrounding equipment, procedures, training and branding with SHO Consulting Services. Operating Procedures The cornerstone of every successful solventless production facility is an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). SHO Consulting Services provides a variety of different SOP’s that contain detailed explanations on how to make an array of products, from rosin to edibles. Additionally, we tailor SOP’s to accommodate...

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The Importance of Good Quality Equipment for Ice Water Extraction

With demand for solventless cannabis concentrates at an all time high, there’s never been a better time to set up an Ice Water Extraction (IWE) laboratory. But, whether you’re a grower looking for a new way to use leftover cuttings, or a rosin producer looking to take full control of your starting material, the importance of good quality equipment for IWE cannot be overstated. Ice water extraction is a solventless form of hash making which produces a chemical-free concentrate commonly known as bubble hash. It works on the basic principle that THC is heavier than water. When fresh uncured...

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All About Vaping Concentrates

Let’s Start With A Brief History of Vaping. In the last decade vaping has taken the cannabis world by storm. Walk into any licensed dispensary or head shop and it’ll be hard not to find a range of vaporizers, pens and pipes on display catering to all your vaping needs. It’s a genuine industry phenomenon, and one that looks set to dominate the future of cannabis consumption. So, what is vaporizing? Where did it originate? And why has it become so popular? Join us on a brief walk through the history of vaping and find out. What is Vaporization? Key...

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10 Most Common Terpenes

The cannabis plant contains over 200 varieties of organic aroma compounds known as terpenes. They are a large and diverse group of volatile oils that are found in numerous plants and are what give cannabis its signature scent and flavor. But there’s far more to terpenes than simply aroma and flavor. Cannabinoids like CBD may attract all the headlines when it comes to medical cannabis but in fact, it’s the interaction between the terpenes and the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant that create its various medicinal effects – known as the entourage effect. Let’s take a tour of the...

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Why All Processing Facilities Should Be Utilizing Rosin Pressing

The cannabis industry is booming. Nationwide, legal weed pulled in almost $9 billion in 2017, and it looks like 2018 will be even more lucrative. But, what’s next for the green rush? Simply put, cannabis concentrates like rosin are the future, and producers are getting in on this game changer or getting left behind. Cannabis extracts have ballooned in popularity in recent years. In Oregon, concentrates have seen an 11 percent increase in sales last year alone. This increase has become a year after year trend and seems to be showing a change in consumption habits among cannabis enthusiasts...

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