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10 Most Common Terpenes

The cannabis plant contains over 200 varieties of organic aroma compounds known as terpenes. They are a large and diverse group of volatile oils that are found in numerous plants and are what give cannabis its signature scent and flavor. But there’s far more to terpenes than simply aroma and flavor. Cannabinoids like CBD may attract all the headlines when it comes to medical cannabis but in fact, it’s the interaction between the terpenes and the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant that create its various medicinal effects – known as the entourage effect. Let’s take a tour of the...

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Why All Processing Facilities Should Be Utilizing Rosin Pressing

The cannabis industry is booming. Nationwide, legal weed pulled in almost $9 billion in 2017, and it looks like 2018 will be even more lucrative. But, what’s next for the green rush? Simply put, cannabis concentrates like rosin are the future, and producers are getting in on this game changer or getting left behind. Cannabis extracts have ballooned in popularity in recent years. In Oregon, concentrates have seen an 11 percent increase in sales last year alone. This increase has become a year after year trend and seems to be showing a change in consumption habits among cannabis enthusiasts...

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Cannabis Taxes are Sending Bright Young Coloradans to College

Colorado has been at the forefront of legal cannabis since it legalized adult use in 2012. Now, the state continues to lead to the way by using its cannabis tax revenue to fund higher education for its students. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Pueblo County, CO, is breaking the mold with its initiative to provide higher education scholarships using tax income from the region’s cannabis growers. Starting in 2016, the predominantly agricultural county successfully trialled a scheme to provide scholarships to over 300 students. On the back of this success, the program was expanded the following...

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Cannabis for Veterans: How Concentrates Can Help PTSD and Pain

Being a soldier is hard, but being a veteran may be even harder. It’s difficult for vets to get used to life back at home – and many return with difficult to manage injuries, both physical and mental. “The hardest part about coming home from active duty is acclimating to this environment after we’ve had to literally fight to survive in a foreign country. Civilians have no clue how to help us, the VA has all but abandoned us, and a lot of us feel mistreated and misunderstood on so many levels,” says Tanganyika, or “Tangy,” a veteran who...

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How To Pack Filter Bags: Are you doing it right?

Picking out the right size filter bag is important, equally important is how to pack your filter bags. If you don’t know how to select the right filter bag, take a look at our past article. Once you’ve selected the right filter bag for the material you’re working with, you’re ready to begin packing. Let’s start with general rules: >Don’t over pack your filter bags. This means don’t pack in so much material that you are unable to pre-press or flatten your bags. If the bag is over packed and tight you run the risk of bursting your filter...

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